We work collaboratively with Birmingham City University’s Students’ Union’s accommodation team, who have a demonstrated history in student lettings, and are able to support you with advertising your property on our website.

The fees below enable landlords, accommodation providers and letting agencies to advertise on our website (and BCUSU’s website if you choose). The advert will remain on our website until you request it to be removed or by October of that year, whichever is sooner. All adverts are automatically removed each October unless the advert has been renewed.

The ‘Advertise Only’ service is a pre-paid service which gives you the opportunity to advertise your properties on our searchable website. Properties advertised cannot be replaced with another property once it is let.

Number of Properties
1 (up to a max of 15 bedrooms)£67.00 (£80.40 inc VAT)
2-4£133.00 (£159.60 inc VAT)
5-7£194.00 (£232.80 inc VAT)
8-10£291.00 (£349.20 inc VAT)
11-15£326.00 (£391.20 inc VAT
16-20£391.00 (£469.20 inc VAT)
21-25£456.00 (£547.20 inc VAT)
26-35£520.00 (£624 inc VAT)
36+£651.00 (£781.20 inc VAT)

DISCOUNT: Landlords can benefit from a ‘package deal’ opportunity to also advertise on the Birmingham City University Students’ Union’s website, www.bcusu.com/homes. A package price of 1.3x the above prices will duplicate your advert to appear in both web sites.

Pricing per block for larger student accommodation.

Number of Rooms
36 - 100 bedroom blocks£520.00 (£624 inc VAT)
101 – 250£586.00 (£703.20 inc VAT)
250+£651.00 (£781.20 inc VAT)
Discount for multiple blocks
2 blocks25% discount
3 blocks35% discount
4 blocks or more50% discount

Package Deals: Accommodation providers of large blocks have the opportunity to book a ‘package deal’ by placing the advertisement with both UCB Guild Lettings AND Birmingham City University’s Students’ Union letting website (please see www.bcusu.com/homes). For the advert to appear on both websites the above prices are to be multiplied by 1.3x.

Approved letting agents may advertise on our website.

Option 1: For small numbers of properties please refer to the ‘Advertise Only’ rates as above.

Option 2: For more flexibility letting agents can advertise up to 36 properties at any one time and have the flexibility to replace properties once they become let. Price £450.

Option 3: To advertise with UCB Guild lettings AND Birmingham City University’s SU Student Homes the above 2 options are multiplied by 1.3x and your properties will appear on both websites.